Commercial Auction Annual Review 2017
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Vendor analysis

Volume of disposals by vendor type and sales 2014 to 2017

The Private Property Company, (i.e. without external shareholders) continues to dominate the market, with £356m of sales, and almost 60% of the volume.

Private Investors (operating without a corporate structure) increased their presence disposing £87m of assets, an increase of 17% over the previous year’s tally.

Disposals for Receivers fell back to 6% of the total, from 20% in 2016, reflecting firmer market conditions and less lender intervention. There still seems to be a proportion of consensual disposals, but this is not easy to measure as instructions tend to be issued directly by an Owner, rather than the bank.

Institutional Owners maintained a presence in the room providing around 11% of the value of sales, and also accounting for the largest average lot size at £850,000.

Corporate Vendors took advantage of market demand and nearly doubled their volume of sales, from 25 lots in 2016 to 47 lots. The access to a wide pool of buyers that the auction room gives to the Corporate Vendor, for both “sale and leaseback” and operational property rationalisation is clearly appealing

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